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   Nanobacteria - Is Cardiovascular Disease an Infection??


Therapy for cardiovascular induced calcification and kidney stone formation will forever be changed by  the premier work done by Olavi Kajander, M.D., Ph.D., and Neva Ciftcioglu, Ph.D of Finland.  Their identification of and initial work on  nanobacteria should secure them a Nobel Prize!! 

Simply stated MANY of our chronic diseases are due to "nanobacteria" that wall themselves off inside of calcium deposits, becoming resistant to antibiotics.

NanobacLabs in conjunction with Dr. Mezo have developed blood and urine tests to identify persons infected with the nanobacteria.  Once identified,  he has formulated a therapy to treat the infection.  In one of his studies, of the 91 participating patients, the mean decrease in their coronary artery calcification scores was 58.5 percent after treatment with NanobacTX therapy for three months.  Interestingly, in 19 of those 91 patients 100 percent of coronary artery calcification was eradicated.

Just as  we once thought ulcers were due to our psychological makeup and now realize it is H.pylori, a bacteria, that is at the root of the too, soon the cardiovascular diseases.  

Surgery, once again, will be replaced with medical interventions.

What is unsettling is that nanobacteria may be coming directly from our vaccines.  It takes nanobacteria 30 - 40 years to develop, so the rise in Cardiovascular Disease we are seeing today may be due to our immunization programs! It has been documented that the IPV Polio Vaccines and Human Immune Gamma Globulin were contaminated.  In fact, any vaccine made with fetal bovine serum is contaminated.  Please check out the below websites and inform yourself.  

Once you desire to pursue this course of action, call us for an appointment.

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We at NEWS embrace the nanobacteria concept in Cardio Vascular and other calcifying associated diseases and offer testing using: 


For cardiovascular disease:

EBT heart scan that will determine your calcium score

See Life Scan 


blooding testing that will identify the presence of nanobacteria





and therapy with NanobacTX or UroBac

 When you are ready to investigate this revolutionary therapy, call us for an appointment.....BUT don't wait too long!

NANOBACTERIA [Nanobacterium sanquineum]*



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