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The Cortisol Evaluation Questionnaire

Associated Medical Conditions:

you have medically diagnosed depression that has last longer than 6 months?
you have difficult falling asleep and or wake up early?
you suffer from any chronic inflammatory condition (asthma, arthritis, migraines, etc.)?
you have an autoimmune disease (Rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus, Crohns etc)?
you suffer from chronic year-round allergies?
been diagnosed with hypothyroidism or any other thyroid disorder as an adult?
you have elevated cholesterol, blood pressure and or blood glucose?


you feel anxious, overwhelmed, and easily frustrated about the responsibilities of your life almost on a daily basis?
you experience psychological or emotional conflict in dealing with your spouse, family members, friends, or co-workers almost on a daily basis?
you spend a significant portion of each day in constant worry and fear?


you suffer from frequent indigestion, poor elimination (less than 1 bowel movement daily) and or peptic ulcer pain? you steadily gained weight as you've aged and or do you constantly fail at permanent weight loss? you constantly tired and or experience significant drops in energy as the day wears on? you exercise less than 30 minutes per session 3 times a week? you frequently get colds, flus, or cold sores especially following periods of prolonged stress or are finding it takes than longer than usual to recover? you have recurring or chronic infections? you have a poor healing wound? you have adult acne and or oily skin, especially upper body? you get older are finding that you are intolerant to more and more foods and or developed sensitivities to environmental agents, such as food additives (MSG), perfume, cleaning solvents or other work related chemicals? you suffer from headaches at least once a week?


you constantly rushing around and or always late for scheduled events? you have difficulty saying no and often find yourself over committed?


you crave fatty, salty, and other sweet junk food almost on a daily basis? you have more than two ounces of alcohol and or 20 ounces of caffeine containing beverages a day? you skip meals, give yourself less than 20 minutes to eat a meal, and or eat at irregular times on a daily basis?

                     If you answered yes to:

questions  may have elevated cortisol levels questions high probability of elevated cortisol questions high risk for accelerated aging and associated diseases or a progression of current Disease State

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