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We believe that health is achieved through proper understanding of one's body, and that through teaching our patients they can maintain a healthy life.

How to "Head Off" Dementia

Making Our Golden Years Golden Again!

Modern medicine has nothing to offer people with dementia.
Recently, medical articles have even exposed dementia drugs as progressing the disease. So it is imperative that we all adopt corrective Daily Life Style habits if we don't already practice them because it is diet and exercise that are proving to change Dementia's occurrence and course.
That's heard me correctly, if you don't want to develop Dementia you may have to correct the way you eat and exercise! And we know, the earlier we start to change, the better for your brain.
If you make the following habits your daily “mantras,” you will move away from Dementia and towards Optimal Aging.
We at NEWS encourage you to adopt as many of the following “Anti-Dementia” habits as you possibly can so you have a better chance of aging in place and experience your Elder Years as Golden Years.