Has been CLOSED since October 2021.

Our EMR is also CLOSED.

Our web presence will be pivoted towards the written word
and may be obtained thru our BLOG


Since we have retired, we can no longer advise you on your health care; however, we are making available your current supplements thru the
"Supplement Order Form"
Click on the link or the red button above in the header,
fill out the form completely and submit it.
After you place an order, we will return an invoice via Square.
Once you pay the invoice, we will mail you your insured supplements.

Please order your supplements a good 2 weeks prior needing them.
This allows us time to work thru the logistics of this process.

Pill Box


If you have not opened your Patient Portal, and you need medical records, we can no longer assist you in obtaining these records.
You will have to submit a "Ticket" to Practice Fusion, or call them at
415-346-7700 or toll free at 844-903-7567 Monday thru Friday 6 AM 'til 4:30 PM PST, to help you obtain them.

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