We believe that continuous health is achieved through teaching the leader's of tomorrow's medical community and thus through teaching our student assistants, who desire to pursue a medical career, we ensure our philosophy will carry on for generations to come.

Students Who Have Walked Our Halls

Surveys of current older physicians keep turning up the fact that so many of us who have had children have not encouraged our children to pursue a medical career. In fact we actively tell them not to become physicians. Thus, it is not surprising that Dr Melville and Dr Schultz's children pursued other careers! However, sensing a desire to "pass on their trade", they have taken in other people's children, who have wanted to become physicians, and helped give them a firm footing for their futures. After all, someone else has helped their children pursue their passions! To raise conscientious goal directed young people, takes a Community.

The following young people are our contribution to our future society. We are so proud of all of them.
There were others, but we have lost contact and would love hearing from them so we can add them to our wall.

Troy was my first "gap year" Medical Assistant ever. Everyone else on this list owes their experience at NEWS to him.  Had he not been the upstanding gentleman that he is, I would have never taken another "gap year" student and would have returned to hiring CMA's.
But I was hooked on the emotional high that every student has brought to our office and our patients soon realized they too were part of our desire to "pay it forward".

The last time I spoke with Troy he was finishing a General Surgery residency.

Reid brought a sense of humor along with his ability to "calm" my lady patients that only a "Sweet Potato" eating southerner could do.
Reid is graduating from medical school this Spring 2019 and is on his way to Texas to start an Orthopedic residency.
We wish him the best.

Bryan has been graduated from PA school for almost 3 years now. He got to experience what a hurricane like Michael can do to the panhandle of Florida. Because of it and the devastation of the hospital he was working in, he has transitioned from ER to Cardiology.

Zack came to work with us at Reid's insistence and the medical world gained a fantastic physician. He taught me that as long as you have faith in yourself, you can do anything.

Cameron knew that he wanted internal medicine as soon as he started school. He thus took a pathway offered him to just concentrate on internal medicine and cut short his medical education by one year. He was not required to do rotations he had no interest in. How lucky is that!
I need to catch up with him.

Lauren went to Peru this past fall with her PA school. I need to catch up with her to see what is next on her "Bucket List".

Elizabeth, petite Elizabeth was our mighty warrior that could take any job you gave her and do it better that what you could imagine.
She has recently graduated from PA school and I will need to contact her to see what lucky institution has managed to woo her.

Danielle graduated from PA school early 2019. She resides in Atlanta where she is looking for a job while planning her wedding for this March 2019.

Madison is still in school and just started rotations. She is learning a lot and just loves what's she is doing.