Do you need to Pick up Supplements?

Whether you need to pick up supplements during your office visit or during an non-office visit, please fill out the below form to help us try and expedite your "checking out" experience!

We at NEWS are requesting that you submit an email request minimally 48 hours before you anticipate picking up your supplements. This way we can have your order ready and waiting for when you arrive!

If you want this to move even faster, NEWS requests that you schedule your "non-office visit" pickups on Tuesday or Thursday of the week when we do not actively see patients.

Patient office hours are all day Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. We are closed Friday afternoons. During these active Office Hours, scheduled patients are attended to first, then supplement purchases are filled.

We are glad to fill supplement orders at any time but scheduling a pickup will move this process along faster for everyone.

Thanks in advance for your support while we try and facilitate this process for everyone.

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