Functional Medicine...

is defined as the field of healthcare that employs assessment and early intervention to improve:

It goes beyond PREVENTION, which has become a descriptor of public health concepts related to reduce disease risk.  

The goals of Functional Medicine are to: 

The approach of Functional Medicine is to acknowledge:

The promotion of Functional Medicine has been the life long work of Jeffery S.Bland, Ph.D.
As the Genome Project makes prevention and modification of expression of genes with environmental alterations more accessible, the dedicated work of Dr. Bland is gaining importance.

Dr. Linus Pauling can be credited as being on the forefront of Functional Medicine.  He was a visionary that saw the value of megadoses of Vitamin C.  Most of his contemporaries laughed at him, but he lived healthfully to 92.  

Dr. Bland has carried on this "orthomolecular medicine model" carrying it to new heights with the evolving genetic and physiological research into the bodies functioning.   

We are on the threshold of a new model of medicine...and it is so exciting to be part of this evolution.

              Dr. Jeffery Bland