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Functional Medicine

Is finding the root cause of ailments and addressing them with both active and preventative measures. This is medicine for the 21st century, where the doctor and patient engage in mutual responsibility.

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Integrative Medicine

Is the whole person approach to healing. Bringing together both the modern and holistic schools of healing, to encourage the body to maintain a healthy and long lasting balance.

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Modern Medicine / Internal Medicine

Is the approach to healing by medical and healthcare professionals that leverage the use of drugs, radiation, and surgery. This approach often treats the symptoms of diseases.

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Osteopathic Medicine

Is a unique hands on approach to healing, where diagnosis and treatment is done through osteopathic therapy. This healing method emphasizes helping a person achieve wellness through prevention.

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Is the branch of modern medicine that deals specifically with women and girls reproductive systems. This extends from endocrine disorders, contraception, to hormone replacement and coaching of healthy life styles and habits.

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Aging Health

Is the branch of medicine that deals with Optimal Aging, Successful Aging, and Geriatric Health. This division of medicine teaches people how to maintain their body and mind through the proper balance of physical, functional, cognitive, emotion, social, and spiritual health.

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Genetic Testing

Is a method in medicine that tests the chromosomes and genes of an individual. These tests confirm or rule out suspected genetic condition, help determine a person's chance of developing or passing on a genetic disorder and direct therapeutic measures and therapies to alter the expression of health.

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Is a modality in Functional Medicine, that uses FDA approved, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) approved, evidence-based and health proven, herbs, vitamins, minerals, oils, medical foods, cleanses, compounded medications or any other non-modern medicine "drugs or surgeries".

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