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We believe that understanding our patients on a personal as well as a professional level, betters our direction of their health and wellness.

Your Office Visit

Our Doctors have been delivering Individualized Personalized Care Medicine since 1994. They have been some of the first physician Biohackers in the USA. In fact, they were there when Functional Medicine was first introduced as Functional Medicine by Dr. Bland back in the early 1990's.
Their ability to address your personal health requires your thoughtful input and compliance. This is a "dance" that takes both doctor and patient to perform. It's not one sided.
We have found that by following the steps below you receive a more efficient and effective outcome.
You have to actually spend time on yourself by filling out our forms and then attending to our mutually agreed upon therapies. It's not a patch but hopefully a walk into health and both of us have to be fully present and engaged.

Office Visits

Step 1: Schedule Your Appointment

To schedule an appointment please call (706) 769-0720 and speak to our receptionist.

Step 2: Complete Your Forms.

Forms are required.
If forms are not completed by the time of your appointment, you may be subject to rescheduling.

Step 3: Ready All Your Visit Materials And Be Sure To Bring Them To The Appointment.

Be sure to bring to your appointment:
   - Completed Office Forms.
    - Government issued Photo-ID document
    - If Applicable: Documents on your Power of Attorney or Guardianship.
    - Mode of payment: Insurance Cards, Credit Cards, Checks, Cash.
    - Any previous lab or medical procedure reports. This would include but not be limited to: PAP/HPV, Mammogram, Bone Density, Colonoscopy, EGD, UGI, Blood work Labs, Specialty Testing, Consults, etc.
    - List of current Medications and Supplements with dosage amounts and times being taken.
    - Adhere to our Clean Air Policy during your visit.
      If you wear a body cologne, perfume, hair scent, heavy laundry soap scent you will be rescheduled.
      We treat many people who are sickened by these odors and thus request that no one wears them. Thank you in advance.

Office Policies


if you have questions, call (706) 769-0720.