Hands Connecting


We believe that a healthy life needs to plan for a healthy death; so staying connected to our loved ones thru our written directives helps achieve this balance to the end.

We all know that we are not getting out of this world alive; and the way we leave this world can either be sudden or protracted.
Any situation that protracts our leaving can place undo stress on those that remain.
In order to help ease all of those emotional decisions that need to be made on your behalf when you cannot make them, writing down YOUR wishes becomes imperative no matter how old you are or what state of health you are in.

The following forms are for residents of the state of Georgia. If you are a Georgia resident, you should complete these two forms today and return them to your doctor to sign as soon as possible. That way you are still in control of your life, no matter what comes, and no one you love will have to live with the idea that they made a wrong decision on your behalf.