Your Office Visit

Our Doctors deliver individualized personalized medicine. Their ability to address your personal health requires your thoughtful input and compliance. Please follow the steps below to help facilitate an efficient and effective appointment.

Step 1: Schedule Your Appointment

To schedule an appointment please call (706) 769-0720 and speak to our receptionist.

Step 2: Complete Your Forms

Forms are required. NEWS best meets your medical needs by learning your personalized medical history.
If forms are not completed by the time of your appointment, you are subject to rescheduling.

Step 3: Ready All Your Visit Materials And Be Sure To Bring Them To The Appointment.

Completed Forms.
Government issued photo-identification document.
Payment Information. Insurance Cards, Credit Card.
Any previous lab or medical procedure reports.
List of current Medications and Supplements with dosage amounts.
Be sure to adhere to our Odorant Policy during your visit.
If Applicable: Documents on your Power of Attorney or Guardianship.

New Patient Visit for Men

Please read carefully and choose the correct forms, if you have questions call (706) 769-0720.