Our Staff

Our promise is to help each individual, be they women or men, young or old, to maintain continuous health and optimally age.

   These young people are like family to us.  
    We respect them the way we respect ourselves, our families, and our patients.  
    We expect all patients to do the same.
   Nowadays, insurance companies and other big institutions seem to forget the human component in medicine.  
    We at NEWS acknowledge the fact that to err is human and to really mess up takes a computer!  
    Most of the time, the problems that arise do come from computers.  
   So when you call with a problem, please remember we are human and have feelings too!
    We will work with you to come to some closure on a problem, but work with us, instead of against us.

Our Office Manager

Dr. Melville

Erin E Melville

UGA, BA in History/Horticulture - May 2007
Emory Paralegal Certificate - Nov 2012
API Corporate Paralegal Speciality - 2017
Work Experiences:
Chemical Tissue Culture Lab Manager, UGA - 2009
Jr. Paralegal, Greenberg Traurig - 2013 - 2015
Corporate Paralegal, Elekta, Inc- 2015 - 2018

Our Receptionist



2 years experience running a front desk
32 hours/week
No weekends or Official Holidays
Good telephone presence
Self starter

Dr Melville's Senior Medical Assistant

Dr. Melville

Ms Cathyrn

40+ Years as a Medical Professional
Specializes in:
Internal Medicine
General Medicine
Functional Medicine Practitioner since 1994
Bale/Doneen-Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention Practitioner

Dr Schultz's Senior Medical Assistant

Dr. Schultz

Ms Nidhi

50+ Years as a Medical Professional
Specializes in:
Office Based Gynecology
Hormone Replacement
Functional Medicine Practitioner since 1994
Bale/Doneen-Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention Practitioner

Our Student Scribes


Ms Lauren

We believe that understanding our patients on a personal as well as a professional level, betters our direction of their health and wellness.


Ms Lauren

We believe that employing advanced lab testing allows a more personalized direction in understanding each person's individual health.


Ms Ashley

We believe that balancing your body in all areas of health leads to personalized wellness, and that by networking the best healing methods we aid you in achieving this balance.


Ms Ashley

We believe that taking the time to teach our patients a deeper understanding of their personal health they can can more easily maintain a healthier lifestyle through out their entire life.

Your Office Visit

Our Doctors deliver personalized medicine and their ability to address your personal health require your thoughtful input and compliance. Please follow the steps below to facilitate an easier and more efficient Appointment.

Step 1: Schedule Your Appointment

To schedule an appointment please call (706) 769-0720 and speak to our receptionist.

Step 2: Complete Your Forms

Forms are required, so that we may best meet your medical needs for your personalized medical visit. If forms are not completed, you are subject to rescheduling.

Step 3: Ready All Your Visit Materials

Step 4: Arrive On-Time

Our Professionals work on a set schedule, and we will do our best to accommodate you. If you can't arrive on time, please call (706) 769-0720 for rescheduling